Steps to adding a sun room or addition to your property:

First, Determine Your Property Lines

Locate your property lines and develop a plot plan which would include your home, landscaping and the location of the utilities. This is important information because local codes have restrictions with regard to how close you can build to your neighbor.

Second, Develop a Design that Complements Your Current Floor Plan

Look at the structure and the floor plan of your home. With the help of a residential designer or architect, develop a plan to provide the most attractive, useful and economical addition to your home. Don’t just think about how you will live in your addition, also consider how it architecturally effects the look of your home from the outside.

Third, Create the Plans

The last step before work begins is to have detailed descriptions of the materials and the scope of the work to be done. If you don’t tire of decision making, make a list of all the materials, and then include your first, second, and third choices. You might find that your preferences are too expensive, but that second on your list is unacceptable. So figure out what you can’t live without, where you can compromise, and where you can go dirt cheap.

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